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Whiting Ranch

Whiting Ranch is located on Portola Rd near the intersection of Bake Pkwy in Foothill Ranch. The trailhead is adjacent to a shopping center but don't let that stop you. This park is a good example of how development can co-exist with natural preserved space. This park lies within a  beautiful wooded canyon and is filled with all types of vegetation including majestic oaks and sycamores . The main riding trail is shaped like a horse shoe. You go straight from the trailhead below for about a mile to a road, Mustard Hill, which goes up a steep hill then at the top you start your downhill back to Portola. I have heard  many descriptions of this trail but "challenging" is the best one.  Plan on getting off your bike a few times if your skills are less than advanced or if your not in peak condition. Due to the extreme heat and the many fellow bikers, ride this park in  the morning hours or you will be sorry! 

This park has an abundance of deer and other wildlife. What amazes me is when you are in the midst of the parks groves, you feel like you are a million miles from man but one look between the trees and you will see the houses on the hillside.

(Click thumbnail for larger view. Click the "X" in right top corner to close the window)

The signs aren't clear but they are just welcoming you and advising you of the rules. Please pay attention to these and all signs and always ride under control. Make sure you are in an easy gear here because there is a hill but soon it mellows out. There's nothing worse then starting a ride in the wrong gear.

 Here is some nice doubletrack. 

This is a close up of some of the natural wonders that come up in Spring. The same day I took this shot I saw a deer and her fawn.  There are many sites to see in this park.

This shot gives you a feeling for some of the terrain here. There are numerous boulders and dry creek crossings to navigate. Whiting Ranch is a lot of fun and good practice for those technical skills. 

The view is from Four Corners looking out at the Santa Ana Mountains. This is your half way point of the loop. Chances are by the time you get here you will be ready for a long rest since this is at the top of Mustard Hill road.  From here it's all downhill.

This shot is of some singletrack which is on the other side of the park as you head back to Portola St.  It's hard to tell but this is actually a slight downhill so yep you can go real fast here. Not many horses or hikers here so let it rip!

For additional information on Whiting click here

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