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Laguna Coast Wilderness Park


Located on Laguna Canyon Road in the outskirts of the city of  Laguna Beach, lies Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.  This park is a  testament  of how the efforts of concerned citizens and local and state governments can combine to preserve land for public use and more importantly to protect wildlife and their habitat from development.  The park spans over 6200 acres and offers wooded canyons, natural lakes and incredible vistas of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding areas.  Most of the area is limited to hiking but there is still some fun riding in the park with direct access to nearby Crystal Cove State Park.   And plans are in the works to open new biking trails once construction is completed on Laguna Canyon Road.

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The parks entrance along Laguna Canyon Road.  The park is open on Saturday's and Sunday's from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and parking is only $3.00.  It was a busy Sunday morning  with a variety of adventure seekers out enjoying the park. 

This picture is looking down Willow Canyon Road towards the parks entrance.  This trail is the main drag that will take you to the top of the park.  The first part of the trail will probably be spent pushing the bike but it soon becomes a more gradual accent.  Remember no pain no gain! 

From the top of the park,  there are several trails to explore and the views are incredible.  Crystal Cove State park can be easily accessed and parking there is $6.00 so save some money and park here.  Make sure to pick up a map at  the parks entrance and also bring along one of Crystal Cove State Park as well.





There are two single track trails in the park, Old Emerald and Laguna Ridge but sorry to report that I didn't have time to check them out.  Plans are to explore the park further so updates will be made when possible.


This view is looking down into Laurel Canyon.  There is a trail that leads through the canyon but unfortunately it's for hikers only.  I was told there are several endangered species in the area so it will probably never be open to biking.  Regrettable but understandable.

Here is a view of the hiking trail the runs parallel to the canyon.  Bikes only  but the canyon is pretty spectacular none the less.  All kinds of trees including plenty of oaks and interesting rock caves.  It's hard to believe this grove is so close to the Laguna Canyon Highway and you would never know it.

Lots of magnificent trees in here and some signs of past fires exist.  Thankfully this area was spared when the big Laguna Canyon fire hit in the 90's


Just a glimpse of the many views the park has to offer.

A dedication to the individuals and entities that raised  huge sums of money  to purchase this land for all to enjoy.  Laguna Coast Wilderness Park is a destination to be admired for it's beauty, recreational opportunities and how communities can work together for the good of  mankind and the animals too.

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