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Snow Summit Big Bear Lake

 I have skied at this resort for a long time but I just recently discovered the incredible mountain biking here. And what's unusual is the best riding  isn't on the ski runs but on the Forest Services maze of single and double-track trails. But the catch is you have to buy a lift ticket to get your bike to the top of the mountain, otherwise you must either be a glutton for punishment or trying out for the Olympics. The best advice is to make sure to pick up a trail guide in the bike shop and ask a lot of questions before heading out. There are many other riding opportunities around the lake so check back and there should be some new ones added.

(Click thumbnail for larger view. Click the "X" in top right corner to close the window)

Big Bear Lake. It's easy to get used to view's like these. Big Bear has a lot of other activities besides biking like fishing, boating and camping to name a few.  

This trail "1EO1" is about a 2 mile  single-track which snakes its way down the forest.  The trial is filled with twists and turns with  maybe a couple of  places where you might have to get off the bike but it's a hoot. It ends up down in south Big Bear so you will  have to ride a few miles back to Summit but its worth the trip. Try it while the legs are still fresh. 

Most of the trails lead back to the ski area and they are fast. Point it down and let it go! Snow Summit hosts many weekend races including a Norba downhill race during May. If you can get a chance, check it out and see what fast really is!

This is a nice section of single-track as you make your way down the mountain. It's a long drive to get here from the city but I think it's worth it.

We picked a good day to visit Snow Summit as we weren't the only ones enjoying the trails.  The resort was having a Women's Only Weekend that is quite popular.  Hopefully we will see you girls on the trails the other 363 days of the year.

There is such a diversity of trails that it's a good place for just about anyone. But do plan on going home a tad sore since even though it's mostly downhill it still requires strength and endurance. Don't be surprised if you can only ride the chair a few times up but it's well worth the $20.00 lift ticket.

For area trail maps click here or for resort link click here.  

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