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Sedona, AZ

The only word to describe the riding in Sedona is AWESOME! This is hands down the best riding destination in my opinion.  Sedona is a unique blend of mountain and desert where the main features of the landscape are red dirt and rock. The Sedona locals deserve a lot of credit for building excellent singletrack trails for all to enjoy. When you arrive, just go to the local bike shop and pick up a $5.00 trail guide and you will be set. Most of the trails are clearly marked and in good condition. The trails can be technical in places so some time will be spent off the bike but it's all worth it. There is also several national and state parks to explore in the area so there is plenty to do after the morning ride.  Make sure to bring a swim suit and  check out the natural water slide at  Slide Rock State Park  for some cool relief.

(Click thumbnail for larger view. Click the "X" in top right corner to close the window)

There is slick-rock but the good news it isn't too slick!

Here is a shot that shows you the type of terrain you will find in Sedona. The dirt has excellent traction and your bike just rolls right over the rocks. It can get very warm here, so ride in the AM and always bring lots of water.

No trail on this photo but I think you get the picture. In addition to the biking trails, there is also a vast network of hiking trails.  After a day on the trails, there is plenty to do in the city of Sedona.  An afternoon can be spent window shopping or indulging in the many fine restaurants and breweries like  Oakcreek Brewing Co..  So check the weather  and see for yourself what an incredible destination Sedona is.

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