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Santiago Oaks Regional Park

Here is another example of where the best riding isn't in the park but in this case right above it.  The park itself does have some fun short trails but best left for the hikers.  Ever heard the saying "There's Gold in them hills"? well that's the case here.  Now I'm sure some people would prefer to  start from the park and head up which is possible via the Anaheim Hills trail but its going to be a real leg burner.  Depending on your biking goals... if your just looking for some great single track then you are going to need two cars.  I parked at Anaheim Hills Elementary School which will get you close to the top of the area.  Just go around the  building to where the trail starts  and start heading up the fire road....warning this  climb may have to be walked.   At the top of the fire road you will see a trail kiosk with maps and info where you will get a  good idea of  the trails.  From here you can head down the fire road into Santiago Oaks, or head up to the top and ride along the ridge a bit going around some power lines and stuff and you should see the start of a long single-track that will eventually dump you out near the Irvine Park dam area.

(Click thumbnail for larger view.)

This shot gives you the big picture in a little picture.

I didn't sample this trail but it looks pretty good.  You're going to need a little John Muir in you to get the most out of the park

Very nice! Here is a good shot of the trail as it works it way down into the canyon.

The trails veers  to the left here.  This is one of the sections where you might want to get off your bike.  Don't be a hero.

The vistas are especially nice after some much needed rainfall. One thing that takes some getting used to is all the power lines in the area.

I think this area has been mostly preserved so hopefully  it will stay this way for a long time to come.  There are trails here  for both Intermediate and advanced riders but just know your limits and bring your pads.  Oh and one last thing regarding needing two cars.  I suggest parking the other car near Irvine Park in the shopping center at the corner of Jamboree and Chapman.

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