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Irvine Park

Irvine Park is located near the corner of Jamboree and Chapman Ave in the city of Orange. The best riding isn't actually in the park but adjacent to it in a large basin that's between Santiago Oaks and Irvine Park.  This area was threatened with development but due to the actions of concerned citizens and state officials, it has been preserved and will most likely be incorporated into the regional park system.  Hopefully the compromises made to secure this land, won't be houses built up above it like so many of our other parks.  Spring is an excellent time to visit as the winter rains form seasonal lakes that are a home to a variety of migratory birds.

**In the summer of 2004 a fire burned a portion of the basin and fortunately the quick actions of the fire department put it out.  But several acres were burned and now the area  is being re-forested.  I noticed that  fences have been  constructed and signs posted to keep people out of a few designated areas but the biking hasn't been restricted.  Check it out as it's interesting to see how a burned area can rejuvenate itself with a little help!**

But what about the bike trails you ask? There is single-track throughout the area and its the best I have found locally.   A word of caution though is this is multi-use land where you will find hikers and horse back riders on the trails so please use extreme caution and always yield the right of way.  We can all get along!

(Click thumbnail for larger view. Click the "X" in right top corner to close the window)

A glimpse of the area during Spring.  The trails here are short but some of the best around. 

This shot was taken where Jamboree road ends and the fun begins.  From here you can ride all the way to Santiago Oaks Park. .

Ah Yes............the single-track.  You won't find a lot of downhill riding here but you will find trails like these.

This is a view of the incredible land in the area.  Most of it is private and that's fine as long as houses don't get built on it.  This area looks like prime ranch land to me or it least it would have been in the old days.

Here is a new single-track trail that was just discovered by the staff of  This is a tight twisty trail that's a blast.  Sorry I don't have a map but it's located in the basin. 

There are still a few undeveloped hills remaining.

This trail is up on the hill directly across from the entrance to Irvine Park and it's a fun one. You probably won't see Shaun Palmer on it but it's a nice long ride! 

Irvine Park is right next to the trails and has a few sights of its own.  It's one of the oldest regional parks in the county and is home to the Orange County Zoo.

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