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Vulture Crags Singletrack AKA The Luge

This trail offers a taste of the vast riding and choice singletrack that can be found in the Santa Ana Mountains. The closest intersection to the trail head is Santiago Canyon Rd and Modjeska Grade Rd. As you pass Cooks Corner bar and grill, you will come to Modjeska Grade Rd where you turn right and park along the hill and head up to the trail head pictured below. The main trail, the Santiago Truck Trail, is a fire road that heads up a steep mountain until you reach the turn off to the Luge. Another option is to continue up the fire road for a few more miles till you reach an area named " Old Camp". I haven't been there because the Luge is so much fun but it's a safer option. The Luge is an advanced steep singletrack where one needs to be careful!  

(Click thumbnail for larger view. Click the "X" in right top corner to close the window)

The trail head off of Modjeska Grade Rd. Head to the right and avoid the power lines. Who would of thought we would be running out of electricity!

You can barely make out the fire road but you will be heading up for about 3 miles till the Luge turn off. This is  scenic undeveloped land and lets hope it stays that way.

Sorry I don't have the mileage but right after this Y you will come to the Luge turn off.  Stay to the left here and the turn off will be to your right.  No signs up here but you can't miss it.

It was awfully dry but I was able to find some color along the trail.

This picture was taken from the single track as you start your decent down into Live Oak Canyon. These cliffs used to house the California Condor many years ago.

A taste of the Luge. Some advice is to go slow, lean back, and stay off the front brake. There are sections of this trail that are very challenging.

Keep your head low as there are natural canopies.

This shot is looking up at the end of the trail. Once you get to this point just stay to the right and you will climb up out of the canyon until you get to a paved road where you turn left which takes you out to Live Oak Canyon Rd. Turn right there and head down the hill to Cooks Corner then turn rt on Santiago Canyon and rt again on Modjeska Grade and hopefully you will end up at your car. My advice is to find someone who knows the trail it is a bit tricky the first time.