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Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain is nestled in the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains in Central California.  Known mainly for its world class snow skiing, it also has incredible mountain biking.  This mountain has over 70 miles of pristine singletrack that would take a week to explore.  The easiest way to get around the mountain is to purchase a pass which includes a gondola lift to the top of the mountain and a shuttle bus that picks you up down in the village for the return trip back to the lodge.  Mammoth takes care of its guests in summer just as well as in the winter.  There is an "Adventure Center" next to the main lodge that will cater to all of your biking needs.  And hats off to the bike rangers! These guys and girls are very friendly and  eager to help you navigate the mountain. You can tell by the excellent trail conditions that a lot of time and hard work has been spent maintaining them.

(Click thumbnail for larger view. Click the "X" in top right corner to close the window)

Looks a little different in the summer time. Here is a shot from the main lodge looking at Mammoth Mountain. The Adventure Center is over to right. Notice the lack of cars. No lift  lines to slow you down this time of year. 

Not a bad day to kick back on the grass. After riding the trails, try the rock climb if you have any gas left or relax and enjoy the sun on the deck.

Over 90% of the mountain is singletrack.  It's hard to tell by the photo but the ground is composed of a volcanic rock call Pumice that creates excellent traction for the tires. The day before we arrived there was a summer downpour and it made the trails even more incredible. The secret in Mammoth is ride  after it rains.  Click here for the weather report.

Who said mountain biking is a guy thing? We met these friendly girls who had ridden their bikes up the mountain instead of taking the gondola.  Something told me they were in pretty good shape.

This shot was taken from near the top of the 11,000 foot summit as you head down the "Off the Top" trail.  This trail will take you all the way down to the village several miles below. If you look closely, there is a biker in the lower right corner making his way down the switchbacks. Needless to say this was a picture perfect day.

This  stump has weathered a few Sierra storms.

Get the picture! Mammoth is an incredible place to mountain bike and just get away!  So the next time you are planning a  biking adventure,  hook up the bikes and check out Mammoth Mountain for yourself, you won't be sorry!

For more info click here!

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