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Chino Hills State Park 
(via Carbon Canyon)

Carbon Canyon Regional Park is located in  Brea, Ca and was opened in 1975 after it was determined  that the area should be preserved primarily for flood control purposes.  I'm not able to confirm it,  but the name probably came from the abundance of oil found in the area years ago.  You can even still see a few remaining oil rigs dotting the hill sides.  The mountain biking  isn't  in Carbon Canyon  but in Chino Hills State Park that is adjacent to it, but for easy parking and access just enter through Carbon Canyon and pay the $2.00 toll M-F and a bit more on the weekend.   To get to the trailhead ,  you head east along the  Carbon Canyon Rd. until  you  see the signs that take you around a small gate and to the trailhead below.

(Click thumbnail for larger view. Click the "X" in top right corner to close the window)


Chino Hills State Park is huge to say the least.  It spans over 11,000 acres with over 60 miles of hiking, biking and  horse trails.  At the trailhead,  you can either head to the left and climb the North Ridge trail or head to right to  Telegraph Canyon Trail.  Being new to the area we choose the easy route, Telegraph Canyon.  This trail is about 10 miles long  with a slight elevation gain  that leads to the Four Corners area where you can turn around or venture off to other trails. 

There are some nice vistas in the park that would look even better after the grass greens up a bit.

This shot is looking down the trail on your way up.  It's a moderate climb but a pretty nice downhill back to the trailhead.  Just be careful around the corners.

Like most  parks in Orange County,  there are plenty of oaks and sycamores.

This shot was taken at Four Corners.  Here you are looking down into Telegraph Canyon.  The next shot below is another trail that leads off from Four Corners.  

This trail will take you to the South Ridge Trail which leads  back to the trailhead.  I didn't try it but some locals said it's a better way to return.  

I had to sneak this one in somewhere!  This park is a great place to bring the camera and  there is an abundance of wildlife as well.

Another shot of the trail as it meanders through the canyon.  Chino Hills is a park I highly recommend for the whole family.  I will definitely return for some more exploring and to sample the singletrack.  There is even camping in the park for a weekend trip.  Click here  for additional  Chino Hills information.  For Carbon Canyon Regional Park  info click here.

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