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Peters Canyon Regional Park

Peter's Canyon is located at the intersection on Jamboree and Canyon View in the city of Orange. This land was once used for cattle grazing and irrigation and was given to the city by the Irvine Company in 1992. This park is a  popular destination for joggers, naturalists and mountain bikers. The main feature of the park is a large reservoir  surrounded by grasslands, hillsides , and oaks. There is an abundance of wildlife in the park including many varieties of birds. It's not unusual to see bird watching groups in the park. The biking here is limited but it's a good place to get an introduction to the sport and to bring the family. There is some singletrack around the lake and also at the other end of the park in an  Eucalyptus grove. 

(Click thumbnail for larger view. Click the "X" in right top corner to close the window)

This is a shot of the reservoir and the surrounding hillsides. This park gives you a good idea of what Orange County looked like years ago.

This park is truly multi-purpose and extremely popular. You can even bring the dogs. I used to see mountain lion sightings  posted but not lately. They have probably been squeezed out of the park but do be cautious.

Here is the starting point for the Lake View Loop trail. It's a  fun one that works it's way around the lake. The trails here are clearly marked and maps are available. This park is well maintained by the rangers and the many citizens who volunteer their services to do trail maintenance and make improvements.

There are many natural wonders around the lake. There is also a short hiking trail near the corner of Jamboree and Canyon View that takes you through a unique oak grove.

This is the start of a long trail "Lower Peters Canyon trail" that is a nice downhill to the other side of the park where you will find Eucalyptus groves that used to be numerous in the County and a hiking trail "The Creek Trial".  Don't worry about the steep hill on the left, that's another trail.

A shot of the groves. This is fun trail the "the Eucalyptus trail" that cuts through the forest.  

Peter's Canyon has something for everyone. Once you try the riding here, check out the riding at Irvine Park, see my Irvine Park page.  Click button for additional info on the park.


For more info click here.